Southeast Asian Tour

Selection of press from the tour:

Korean national newspaper Donga.

Jon on the Korean news station KNN.

Report on News20, a Busan news site.

The Star newspaper Malaysia.

Article on review.

Toysrevil blog post.

Geekmatic blog post.

More to be added soon

Talks and Workshops:

Manila 25 July 2013
St Benile College
SDA Cinema                                             
Time 10am - 12pm

Singapore 1 August 2013
Nanyang Polytechnic
SIDM, Lecture Theatre LTM-1
Time 4 - 6pm

Singapore 2 August 2013
Red Dot Design Museum
Time 7 - 8.30pm

Kuala Lumpur  3 August 2013
Publika/ Black Box
Time 3 - 5pm

Bangkok 6 August 2013
TK Park, Central World
Time 3 - 5pm


Bangkok 24 July 2013
ArtGorillas ArtGallery
Time 7 - 9pm (Live Mural Painting)

Manila 28 July 2013
VinylonVinyl Gallery
Time  7 - 9pm

Jon Burgerman’s Game, Sketch and Match:

Bangkok 5 August 2013
Satitpattana School


South Korea events:

Busan 10 August 2013
Live painting and lecture at LOTTE, Busan
Time  3 - 6pm

Seoul 13 August 2013
Signing session and lecture at 1984
Time from 7pm

Bangkok 24 July 2013, exhibition at ArtGorillas ArtGallery.

Mural in Bangkok.

Bangkok exhibition mural being coloured in by audience members.

Manila in the morning.

Exhibition view at Vinyl On Vinyl gallery, Manila.

Lecture and workshop at Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore.

Lecture and workshop at TK Park theatre, Bangkok.

Busan, South Korea.

Crowd watching me paint at LOTTE in Busan.

Painting in Busan.


Lecture at 1984 in Seoul.


# Miki, 2nd Jul 2013


Don’t miss Coffee Mill in Seoul! The most beautiful coffee on earth!

# difa, 13th Jul 2013

come to indonesia!
near from singapore and malaysia :)

we’re looking forward for your visit !!! :D

# Benj, 15th Jul 2013

You gotta try the laksa (spicy noodle soup) when you head down to Singapore. Even Gordon Ramsay couldn’t beat us in that dish when he was here recently!

# Isabelle, 15th Jul 2013

Maybe when you are in Singapore you can try going to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for some good local hawker fare! Will be crowded at night and over weekends though!
Besides that, you can check out some of our arty farty architectural buildings like the SOTA (School Of the Arts) or LaSalle and just wander around that eclectic area of Bras Basah~
If it gets too hot or humid just stay indoors. Lol.

# a fan, 30th Jul 2013


I wish I could see you in Singapore but your classes are all full :’(
Anyway, hope you have a fun time here…
Here are some vegan food places you may like to try… I quite like myself ;)
Zen Fut Sai Kai Vegetarian Restaurant (147 Kitchener Road)
Komala Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant (12 Buffalo Road)
Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant (19 Upper Dickson Road)

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