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Turn Your Doodles into Designs

My online class on is now live!

The class will cover how to take your doodles and turn them into an art print, which could then be used for almost anything, such as a t-shirt, sticker, poster etc.

The class is suitable for anyone interesting in taking their drawings, digitising them and turning them into a usable design.

Don't delay - sign up today using this link

It will be fun!

Catherine Benett

I was invited to perform as myself in my friend Bryony Kimming's fictional Pop singer Catherine Benett's music video that Bryony created with her 9 year old neice Taylor. The work forms part of Bryony's and Taylor's project to create a Credible Likebable Superstar Rolemodel for young girls, away from the twerking, pornofied celebrities currently in circulation. Go and see their deservingly award-winning show, it's quite amazing.

Dates and details are here.

The 'Jon' felt doll was made, of course, by the super Felt Mistress.

The Great Hip Hop Hoax on the BBC

The award winning The Great Hip Hop Hoax documentary featuring my animated drawings, is coming to the BBC!

BBC2 Scotland on Friday Oct 11 at 9pm.

It will be THE FIRST film to premiere on the BBC iPlayer on Sat 12 Oct and then BBC4 Storyville Oct 23.

Tagtool at Pictoplasma

I was invited to create live drawings and live animations using Tagtool for the iPad at the Pictoplasma Berlin opening party.


I have a Vine account. You know, Vine, it's like YouTube but for only 6 seconds and you can't upload stuff to it, it all has to be shot on your phone directly. Yes, it's really great and people have made some funny stuff. And I, on the other hand, have made these - Jonburgerman on Vine

The Great Hip Hop Hoax

I am very proud to announce the documentry film I worked on as animation artist and associate producer is receiving it's world premier at SXSW 2013 this week.

Hungry Games Video

Here's all six events from The Hungry Games condensed down into 10 minutes of sweaty fun. I hope you enjoy!

Wacom Self Portrait

I have been chosen as one of Wacom's 'Pioneers of now' for their forthcoming campaign and lauch of their super excellent digital drawing tablets. They asked me to draw a picture of myself, so I did. Here is the video of it.


I drew live as part of the 'ILLUMINATE' festival at the British Library, London whilst sat in New York.