Nick Cave, Soundsuit, 2011

Armory Art Fair 2015

Can googley eyes make contemporary art more fun?

I went to the Armory Art Fair in New York and decided to create some Quiet Interventions to amuse myself whilst viewing the vast array of art on display.

All photos were taken with an old iPhone.

Julio Le Parc, Sphere jaune, 2001

Bjarne Melgaard with Bob Recine, Untitled, 2015

Aiko Hachisuka, Couch, 2011

Duane Zaloudek, Milarepa Xi, 1965

Glenn Kaino, A Shout Within a Storm, 2015

Henning Strassburger, Tell them I was good! 2015

(not sure who this piece was by, maybe Socratis Socratous)

Nathan Mabry, The Nostalgia of the Infinite (Le Taureau), 2015

Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Conductors No. 3, 2001

Robert Longo, Untitled (King Cobra), 2014

Eddie Martinez, Untitled, 2015

Richard Prince, New Figures, 2014

Alex Katz, Katherine, 2014

Heavy handed symbolism of the fair?!

François-Xavier Lalanne, Moutons de Laine (Group of 3), 1965/1974

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