Avondale School residency

I was invited to paint a mural at Avondale Primary School in west London. The school, and surrounding neighbourhood were affected by the recent Grenfell tower fire disaster. Some of young students from the school, along with their parents perished in the fire.

We decided it would be a nice way to start the school year with some of the young students painting a mural for themselves in their playground.

With the help of the excellent teachers and 

After the first day of school was over for the day I took the students drawings and painted them up on the wall in black outlines. On the second day, split into small groups, the students coloured in their creations with acrylic paint.

The final result was a mural filled with the things they associated with school, friends and being there together.

Thanks to everyone involved, it was a real pleasure and humbling honour to work with the children for a couple of days.

I had to get up very early to go back to school, traveling from south London to west London.

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