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Here is the list of my books that will be published in 2017:

SPLAT! published by Oxford University Press (UK) - 6 April 2017

SPLAT! published by Dial, imprint of Penguin books (US) - 20 June 2017

SPLAT! is an interactive picture book for children. What happens when you turn the page? Well, everything gets splatted on the opposite page. For SPLAT! I wanted to make a book that really celebrated the format of a book, namely turning the pages to see what happens next. I also thought kids enjoy being a bit naughty and messy, so this would encompass all of those pleasures, along with the joy of reading!

It's Great to Create published by Chronicle Books (UK and US) - 1 August 2017

It's Great To Create is a 224 page book of colour photographs of over 100 creative projects for the reader play with. The idea for It's Great To Create is to inspire creativity. Each of the prompts in the book can be seen as a starting point for your own creative adventure. It's a lot of fun and bursting with ideas and fun things anyone can have a go at. No art making experience is required!

Rhyme Crime published by Oxford University Press (UK) - 1 August 2017

Rhyme Crime is my second picture book for small humans. The story involves a criminal who likes to steal things but replace them with something else that rhymes. It will be released in the US in 2018.

Jon Burgerman's Daily Doodle published by Laurence King (UK) - 8 August 2017

Jon Burgerman's Daily Doodle is a 112 page book showing you how to doodle almost everything there is (almost)! Animals, monsters, vehicles, snacks, objects of all shapes and sizes are covered. It's so easy to doodle so many things. The book also comes with 40 stickers and has fun things to hidden through-out it's pages for you to find. All you need is this book and a pen and you too can be a doodler!

SPLAT! a picture book for very young readers. Published by Oxford University Press and Dial (an imprint of Penguin).

Rhyme Crime, a rhyming picture book for young readers. Published by Oxford University Press and Dial (an imprint of Penguin).

It's Great To Create, 101 creative fun things for anyone to have a go at. Published by Chronicle Books.

Jon Burgerman's Daily Doodle, learn how to draw lots of things and have fun. Published by Laurence King.

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