Breda Street Art Exhibition

Breda Street Art Exhibition is a group show that is going to take place in Breda, Holland, organized by Vroom & Varossieau.

April 17 - June 17 2015


Oude Vest 2

4811HT Breda

It features works of nine street artists who are amongst the most famous graffiti artists of today. Including up-and-comer Banksy as well as Logan Hicks, The London Police, Faile, Retna, Jaune, Handiedan, Jon Burgerman and the promising-youngster Kaws.

Breda Street Art Exhibition Organisation

The Festival represents collaboration between Breda Street Art and Graphic Design Festival Breda. They will organize range of various street art exhibits open to the public. The upcoming Festival Breda will provide at least 3,500 square meters of blank walls for graphic designers, graffiti and street artists to paint. The Festival will be cooperating with Foso the furniture company that is going to ensure location for the exhibiting. Breda Street Art Exhibition will be taking place at the former PTT building so works will be exhibited in the old industrial space. The exhibition is going to feature a selection of artists coming from different disciplines with which Vroom & Varossieau have been collaborating. With a group of artists each leading in their own field it is going to be exciting. A unique piece of concrete that is Banksy's first mural will surely represent the highlight of the show.

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