Off The Record

Featuring Erik Spiekermann, Jon Burgerman, Joshua Davis, Jessica Walsh, Oliver Jeffers, Chip Kidd, Casey Neistat and more.

"Off the record is a dialogue of opinions with topics that are aimed directly to the design and visual arts field. It has 6 Chapters that can be watched entirely or simply watched chapter by chapter. The chapters interweave together but also work independently. These ideas sometimes spill into more than one chapter but has its own main thread in each chapter." Laura Sans

Chapter 1 - World

Chapter 2 - Style

Chapter 3 - Clients

Chapter 4 - Responsibility

Chapter 5 - Satisfaction

Chapter 6 - Life

"The film doesn't make any clear conclusions but there are a lot of different messages that I want to share with the design and art community. The important thing is for each viewer to make their own conclusions about it." Laura Sans

Directed, Produced, Filmed & Edited: Laura Sans

Design and animation: Alessandro Novella

Additional animation: Joao Lucas

Music and sound design: Simon Smith

Audio mix: Eric Nagel (Bcn Sound)

Subtitles: Natalie Melville, Laurie Sans, Sam Hails

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