'Daily Doodle' is the follow up title to the colouring in book 'Jon Burgerman's Burgerworld'published by Lawrence King.

Inspired by the popular 'Daily Doodle' Snapchat posts Jon would publish (now discontinued), this book is packed with instructions, hints, and tips to create your own scribbletastic doodles, from dogs, donuts, and dinosaurs to whales, wigs, and wizards.

In easy to follow step-by-steps you can learn how to doodle a dragon, scribble a sausage, and colour a chameleon in this often hilarious guide. ​

This crazy collection contains over 100 silly ideas to scribble, funny things to spot along the way, and more than 40 stickers!

Paperback 112 pages 240 x 240 mm ISBN 9781786270405 Published August 2017 by Laurence King.


Jon Burgerman's Daily Doodle