April 12-May 2, 2024

Step into the spirited world of "Meshuganah", a whimsical and culturally rich exhibition showcasing the most highly acclaimed Jewish artists from across the nation.

Hosted at A Very Serious Gallery, and co-curated by Josh & Megan Rogers, this joyful, yet deeply meaningful show, is a celebration of the Jewish artistic expression.

In alignment with EXPO, Chicago's premiere art showcase, "Meshuganah" transcends Chicago to unite Jewish artists from New York, London, Los Angeles, and Miami. Their diverse perspectives converge in a kaleidoscope of creativity, reflecting the dynamic and pluralistic nature of contemporary Jewish identity.

We proudly present a constellation of acclaimed artists, including Joel Mesler, Allison Zuckerman, Marc Dennis, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Russell, Zoe Buckman, Typoe, Eric Yahnker, Jon Burgerman, Michael Shaw, and Jac Lahav, each bringing their unique vision and talent to this extraordinary exhibition during the Chicago art scene’s most important moment.

At a time when American Jews are navigating what it means to be Jewish, "Meshuganah" provides a space for communal dialog and cultural exploration. Through the universal language of art, we come together to explore what it means to openly embrace and celebrate Jewish heritage.

Join us as we come together to celebrate art, culture, and community at "Meshuganah."

Press & early collector inquiries can be sent to Allan Weinberger, gallery director/owner: allan@veryseriousgallery.com.