'Search Party' is a group show within Ben Edmunds' solo show 'Second Mountain', Feb 4 to March 19 2023 at Tatjana Pieters, Belgium.

In 'Search Party' Edmunds presents a large network of friends, musicians, poets and other artists.

This ambitious and multi-faceted show develops Edmunds’ core belief that art-making is the ultimate form of adventure, and that all adventures are best spent with friends.

My contribution is titled Metal Mickey. It takes it name from a British children's' TV show I enjoyed watching in the early 1980’s about a robot that comes to life. Here a metallic face displays a variety of emotive expressions with it's malleable mouth, literally punched out from its faces. I like to think of this as playful yet brutal, perhaps foreshadowing the sci-fi trope of sentient machines eventually leading to disaster for humankind.

Exhibited artists include -

David Auborn / Olivia Bax / Harry Bland / Ria Bosman / Jon Burgerman / Elysia Byrd / Edu Carillo / Ilke Cop / Fleur De Roeck / Charles Degeyter / Mae Alphonse Dessauvage / Preston Douglas / Lucas Dupuy / Anneke Eussen / Indrikis Gelzis / Rae Hicks / Sascha Huth / Merve İşeri / James Jessiman / Matthijs Kimpe / Geran Knol / Beatrice Lettice Boyle / Ben Levy / Luke Noël / Ryan Orme / Will Pegna / Keziah Philipps / Frédéric Plateus / Victor Seaward / Kit Trowbridge / Lenny Vervaeke / Ian Waelder / Richard Woods

More info can be found at Tatjana Pieters


Search Party