At Taipei Dangdai 2023, WOAW Gallery presents 12 acclaimed contemporary painters whose fresh and radical expressions of life form a unique document of our times. Revealing the richness and dynamism of human consciousness in today's multi-faceted world, their unconventional visions interrogate and transcend traditional artistic genres, combining allegorical and phantasmagorical tales with long-established motifs and tropes in portraiture, landscape, and genre painting. These artists would not usually be found in a room together, and the result is a showcase of startling perspectives that updates and enriches our understanding of contemporary art.

Exhibiting artists:

Charlie Roberts
Felix Treadwell
Heesoo Kim 
James Ulmer
Jonathan Casella
Jon Burgerman
Jun Oson
Kila Cheung
Kurt Lightner
Ryan Travis Charistian
Sean P McGaughey
Tim Irani


Taipei Dangdai 2023