Sticky Friends

Sticky Friends is a currated exhibition of stickers in one lovely packet.


I love stickers and I love making stickers. This first edition of Sticky Friends was made with contributions from friends of mine. Each packet is a little sticky art exhibition.


I am making a new pack of approx 10 stickers and would like to include friends I have not met yet. If you'd like to be involved please follow the guide below. Please ensure all work is your own and does not copy anyone elses! If you are chosen to be in the pack you will receive a bunch of packets to give your friends. Participation is completely free.


Please read


1. Upload a nice design to a blog / your website / somewhere online and link to it using the comments form below.

2. Make sure your contact details are easy to find. If I cannot easily contact you, I will give up and you will not be in the collection.

3. Make your design on a white background and remember it will be printed approx. 3-8cm tall / wide.

4. I will contact you and ask for the hi-res artwork, you do not need to upload hi-res work to the internet.

5. Do not email me your artwork, I will only accept work linked below.

6. Only use your original work, do not copy someone elses characters or artwork. You keep all rights to your work.

7. There is no theme, other than making a cool character / drawing that would be good as a sticker. Themes will appear naturally once the collection has been made.

8. Only link me 1 design per person. If you link 100's of designs I wont look at any of them. Just choose your favourite.

9. The deadline is now over!

Thanks everyone who entered! The chosen designers will be contacted soon.


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