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Huffington Post

I was asked by GLAM4GOOD to create a series of fashionable social media heroines that have something affirmative to say. The pieces featured on the Huffington Post and I took some screen grabs of the article. When I looked at the right hand side of the screen to the 'Most Popular' posts on the Huffington Post website I saw there were some interesting juxtapositions between the content of their posts and the content of my artworks.

Check out the article here and see what contradictory messages you may receive.
Send me your screen grabs!

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Small Edition

‘Small Edition’ by Artist Jon Burgerman is Inspired by ‘Play-Doh', the 10 foot tall, multi-coloured, aluminium Jeff Koons sculpture currently on display at New York’s Whitney Museum.
This Saturday, 2 August 2014, at 12 noon, outside the Whitney Museum, Jon Burgerman will set up a pop-up stall to promote and sell his ‘Small Edition’ sculptures which are actually made out of Play-Doh.

It is more real than the real thing.
Instead of taking 20 years to make, it only took about 20 seconds.

It’s pretty cheap too.

Each sculpture comes housed in a clear 3x3x3” display case and a certificate of authenticity.
At a recent party for mass market fashion retailer H&M to celebrate the launch of the limited- edition Koons “Balloon Dog” purse (yours for just $49.50), Jeff Koons explained “I want my work to be accessible to people.” Now it is!

The sculptures will be available from noon Saturday 2 August 2014 from as near to the Whitney Museum as is possible without arrest.

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