Solo exhibition “Group Therapy” at WOAW Gallery, Beijing

The exhibition is on view July 26 - September 30 2022

Blanc International Contemporary Art Space 3F, Building D7, Yard No.3, East Jinhang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, China

Group Therapy

Burgerman presents an exploration of communal consciousness in his busy, radiant canvases, which hum with a lyrical harmony and yet contrast with feelings of disconnect and dissonance. Characters huddle together displaying a spectrum of emotions, mirroring an innate joy of being connected whilst carrying an underlying 21st century anxiety.

Single characters break out from the amorphous masses and inhabit the gallery as unique shaped wood panels. These distinctively Burgerman silhouettes carry deep associated memories, recalling with fondness witty abstractions of animals, pets, cartoons and childhood toys.


Group Therapy